I had some free time for once this weekend so I decided to try my hand at improving my design skills and photo manipulation



summer in color negative iso 400

pet hedgehog Terra makes an appearance
Terra likes it old school :)

Film development is losing its human touch. I see more and more printed photos where the frame is shifted, not by accident of the developer having not framed it correctly, but by a machine that fed the negatives in too fast to "properly" frame the image.
As a film photographer, I'm in love with how some of the accidents really create interesting and unique photos. But when a batch of film comes back where many of the pictures are shifted only a couple centimeters off, not enough to create a dual photo, but instead cuts off the full frame of my picture because of a machine error....it makes me sad.


summers of old (part ii)

Fujicolor Superia ISO 400, taken 1 year ago
we were born and raised in a summer haze