Throwback Adventures: Greenbelt

Developed one of my many rolls of completed film I have lying around in my room and was ecstatic at how they turned out. Shot last year in the fall when a couple friends and I went to explore our Greenbelt. We jumped over streams, climbed trees, and scaled cliffs. Towards the end I shot some random footage around my old apartment.

I'm really loving the wide variety of temperature colors in this Reala batch.

Fujicolor Reala 100


6x6 Goodness

From the first 2 times I tried my Diana! Many things went wrong, the first being I wound my film in wrong and accidentally exposed part of it to light. The second being how I decided to start off with what is possibly the most difficult film I could have chosen for a first time Diana user. Here are the salvageable photos!
Redscale XR 120 Film
October 2011



Snapshots of my time spent in the countryside in Japan, moments with my host family, and brief glimpses of dorm life. After looking at all the scenery photos I took I'm really happy that this was the roll I chose not to cross process. But on a side note, developing film as slide is really costly...

Fuji Sensia ISO 200
Processed as Slide Film