A stroll down memory lane.
I have a box full of photography stuff and in it were 3 rolls of undeveloped Fujicolor Superia. I couldn't remember what occasions I'd used the film for, so I sent one roll off with my Redscale to be developed and was surprised to find images I'd taken over a year ago. This roll held pictures from when I went to school in San Antonio and some of the adventures I had exploring the small patch of woods behind my apartment complex. My time in San Antonio can be summed up in the emotion conveyed in these photos: joy, simplicity, and a thirst for adventure. 

 lovely lovely light leaks


A mistake on the photo department's part, but what a lovely mistake it is. My only regret is that I'm not able to see the two images separately until I decide to get them printed again.  

A surprising image. Perhaps the last photo on the roll? 

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